Our Vision

Our vision is Moving Mountains providing innovative, diverse and inclusive educational experiences that transform lives and build better communities.

Our Mission

The Mission of Moving Mountains is to serve as a conduit to the community by providing innovative educational experiences for all ages and all people in all circumstances. We provide programs that meet workforce professional development, health and wellness interests, creative arts and personal enrichment needs in culturally sensitive way. We strive to work authentically with people, families and communities to ensure that our programs are meaningful, tangible, and are sustainable.

Our Values


We serve everyone with compassion and empathy.


We are a diverse and inclusive company. We embrace and serve diverse customers. We value differences and equality.


We are creative and find new ways of thinking, learning, and doing.


We make ethical, transparent, and well-intentioned decisions.


We own the decisions made and their outcomes.


We are upfront and forthcoming with information and insights.


We work cohesively and collaboratively.

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+61 423 090 758

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Student Wellbeing Officers (SWO)