A student wellbeing officer is an individual who has the skills and experience to deliver student wellbeing services to the school community. We have Student Wellbeing Officers to provide on-the-ground support to schools.

The Student Wellbeing Officer works directly with school communities to improve social, emotional, health and educational outcomes for students.

SWO Role

The role of the Student Wellbeing Officer is to:

  • work as a member of the school’s wellbeing team in the delivery of student wellbeing services
  • contribute to improving student engagement and connectedness
  • contribute to providing a safe, inclusive and supportive learning environment
  • provide pastoral care and guidance to students
  • operate within the school community and with external providers.

SWO Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Student Wellbeing Officer includes:

  • supporting student attendance, engagement and mental health
  • supporting students in difficult or challenging situations such as during times of grief
  • providing students with referrals to specialist services when required
  • providing pastoral care and guidance to students about values and ethical matters
  • supporting physical, emotional, social and intellectual development and wellbeing of all students
  • supporting an environment of cooperation and respecting a diversity of cultures and traditions.

Qualifications required of SWOs

A SWO holds a minimum Certificate IV qualification in Community Service OR Youth Work OR Mental Health that includes competencies in mental health and making appropriate referrals.